“It is very exciting to be part of this vibrant learning community. Come and meet us!”
Audrey Reeder


We founded The Olive Tree School in a cosy ground floor of a house in central Sitges to provide a different type of education: warm, caring and with high academic standards.

Now, eight years later, we have a spacious premises with beautiful, grassy gardens, a fully equipped science lab, and diverse library, but we have remained true to our original values.

Those values centre around setting high expectations for all our children. We believe that high expectations, breed academic excellence. In order to achieve this excellence, we give students the tools become self directed learners, constantly questioning and thinking critically.

Our dedicated team of teachers are all British-government trained, and utilise a variety of teaching styles in the classroom depending on the student’s needs. In this way, we create a safe environment encouraging children to experiment with new concepts, and explore their own curiosity. Our classrooms centre around curiosity, discovery and a free exchange of ideas. We know that there is so much valuable education outside the classroom as well, so we strive to give Olive Tree children first-hand experiences with their environment. Beyond literature, writing, science and mathematics – music, art and drama are are a vital part of our curriculum, giving children a variety of avenues to shine.

Our ultimate goal is to create a strong bond between home and school, and our children really feel that school is like a second home, where they can learn, explore and develop a moral code based on respect and sensitivity to others’ feelings. We foster a caring attitude in our pupils: care for the self; care for those around us; and care for the wider community and the world around us.

At our core, we offer small, personalised and child-focused, classes with a high teacher to student ratio. We are very much a British school, and admit students with a very high level of English, and are recognised by the British government. We follow a British curriculum but we interpret it creatively and dynamically, giving children a solid foundation in critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills.

This means that our students are independent thinkers and learners. They aim high.

We would love to welcome your family into this vibrant learning community.

Come and meet us!

Warm regards,

Audrey Reeder