“My daughter has attended the Olive Tree from day one, her progress here has astounded me. After several attempts at other schools she transformed from a shy quiet girl into a confident little individual capable of taking the lead in a Shakespeare play and debating for human rights in the Junior United Nations. What can I say except bravo!”
“I think you know a school works when none of the kids want to come home at 4 o’clock.”
“This school has been more welcoming than any other school we have come across; the teachers have been always been warm and extremely responsive; our child has been growing and learning quickly, and enjoyed school so much it has often been a struggle to get him to leave at the end of the school day! The small class sizes and the excellent teaching, have meant that our child has been able to truly learn at his own pace.”
“ It is fair to say The Olive Tree  has an ethos  that I have not found anywhere else, the  number one aim of the head teacher is to bring out the potential in her children.  The teachers here have a life vocation to teach, going  far beyond pure academics; staff share  life skills, debating techniques and bring in experts to talk to the children.  The world  has changed more in the last 20 years than the last 200 years, so just has the way societies have evolved  so must the way our children learn. I wish more children could enjoy this level of inspirational and holistic education.  I am yet to see any other school match this  commitment,  to equip children with the tools  to be able excel in a future world,  where change, flexibility, free thinking will be key to flourish in times of constant technological evolution and change. ”
“We had a lovely holiday but the boys were really happy to be coming back.
I don’t ever remember feeling that way about any of my schools.  They are so happy and engaged.  Ben took us to see some of the Gaudi buildings he has been studying and has been enjoying reading and telling us all about the human body in a great factual DK book that my Mum gave him and teaching us all the 2 beautiful songs for yr 6 Assembly on Wednesday.
Jake is reading everything now and his writing is beautiful. He also tells me all about what they have been learning about in class and enjoys every minute.  He is also very proud of his shoelace tying skills since you taught him the bunny ear technique.
Thank you from a very happy family”