So far this year we’ve had the great pleasure of…

Charlotte Birch, U.K. Marathon runner

The Joy and Pain of Running a Marathon

Charlotte Causton, U.K. Biologist

A Biologist in The Galapagos Islands

Claire Davies, U.K. Creative Director & Relief Worker UNWRA Switzerland

Helping the United Nations Works & Relief Agency

Nigel Gittins, U.K. Entrepreneur

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Simon Guillebaud, U.S. Charity founder of ‘Great Lakes, Outreach’ in Burundi

Burundi, The Hungriest Place on Earth

Sonia Tarrida, Spain, Veterinary surgeon

Electromagnetic Waves in Modern Medicine

Will Shank, U.S. Art Historian

Cracking the Secret Code of ‘Las Meninas’ by Velazquez

Theresa Brookes, U.K. Teacher

Travelling Across the Five Continents: Treasured Moments

Ivana Perisic, U.K. Teacher,

“I Was a Bosnian War Refugee.”

Alison Johnson, Australian Marine Conservation Society,

The Great Barrier Reef in Crisis

Paul Bou-Habib, Sweden, Philosopher

What is Free Will? Do I Really Have It?

Annelie Shade, U.S. Fitness Trainer

The SuperTeen: Fitness in the Teenage Years

Susana Preston, Spain , Art Historian

Sitges in Prehistory & History

Maisha Ortoll, Spain Lawyer

Wrongly Accused: A Grave Miscarriage of Justice

Will Shank, US. Art Historian

Salvador Dalí & The Persistence of Memory

Frederik Veger, Cattle-Farming Expert

A Cattle Farm in Paraguay

Will Shank, US. Art Historian & Restorer

Salvador Dalí, His Life & Work

Grant Mabe, UK Taekwondo Master

Self-Defence Techniques for Teenagers

Lulu Melotte, Teacher, Actress & Traveller

Travels in the Third World